Jolly Roger specializes in entertaining the preschool and school age child, and offers hilarious, fun-packed shows incorporating MAGIC, puppets, and lots of audience participation.   His unique British humor and professional style captures the imagination of children of all ages as they enter his entertaining and enchanting world of make-believe.


His shows can be educational, and are always clever, and very, very funny!   He can visit your daycare or preschool each month with a different magic show. The following simple messages can be taught during his shows.

"Self-Esteem” (Jan)

“Dental Hygiene” (Feb)

“Nutrition” (Mar)

“Saving the planet (recycling)” (Apr)

“Swimming Pool/Sun Safety" (May)

“Animal Awareness” (Jun)

“Books Are Fun” (Jul)   

“Mysteries of the Universe” (Aug)

"Play Safe” (Sep)

“Halloween Safety” (Oct)

“Stranger Danger” (Nov)   

"Holiday Magic” (Dec)          

Although many daycares and preschools book him every month, if your center does not have the budget for this, you can book him for single shows whenever you wish!  

Jolly Roger would be happy to provide many references from directors who use his services on a regular basis.  

Call Jolly Roger today…….and help put a smile on the face of a child!


NOTE: Roger has fingerprint clearance


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