Jolly Roger has visited

over 50 different countries and

entertained for the children in many of

them. He has a vast knowledge of the

Geography, History, Culture, Art and Languages

of other nations, admitting that the smiles are universal.

From palaces to prisons and bomb shelters, for royalty and for

those who have been outcast, he has traveled across the

world’s oceans and traversed mine fields to perform his magic.

His ancestors were famous explorers, pirates and royalty. He was born into a family of writers and travelers with a deep sense of imagination. He has walked in the steps of both great leaders and prophets and over lands which have witnessed terrible wars.


Jolly Roger will share some of his fascinating stories with the children

of Arizona, while amazing them and making them laugh with his skills in the art of magic and puppetry. The children get excited at the

thought of exploring the mysteries of faraway lands by reading books from their local library.

For many years Jolly Roger has been a very popular entertainer

with libraries around the state. Early booking at your library

is advised to avoid disappointment.


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