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“The Spiritual Stage” by Roger Blakiston (Jolly Roger) is a unique insight into the spiritual thought process of a man who has spent his life in the entertainment profession. Although the author is a professional magician, lecturer, motivational speaker, and children’s entertainer, this book is a suggested read for all those who are already entertainers, or for those who are considering entering the profession. The book is deep and thought provoking, as well as being amusing and controversial. Roger offers much wisdom gained during his years of experience in the business, and suggests that you apply the many universal spiritual principles to heighten your creativity both on and off stage. He shares with you the secrets of living a happy and fulfilling life and inspires you to share your God given talents with others.




Jolly Roger's New DVD and Lecture Notes

$40 - DVD (shipping $5.00)


  • Complete unedited 45 minute library show, including preparation.
  • Over 30 bits of business you can do in your show.
  • Jolly Roger explains the secret and gives a full presentation of his famous Cloth of Invisibility!

    In this amazing 2 hour DVD you will learn about the true secrets of entertaining children. It is not all about the magic, but the bits of business. Jolly Roger invites you into his fascinating world of mayhem and magic. You will see him preparing a library show, setting it up, and then performing the show. Jolly Roger will then talk about many of the terrific bits of business that you can incorporate in your shows using minimal or no props. The DVD ends with an exposure of Jolly Roger’s famous “Cloth of Invisibility”, with a clear explanation of how you can make this simple prop yourself. In this illusion, you float in the air behind a cloth, vanish, and re-appear. The effect is a terrific ending to any show! This DVD is a must for anyone aspiring to be a children’s entertainer or for a seasoned professional.




Merry Mayhem


Kidabra 2013 Conference Lecture Notes  

$25 - Lecture Notes (free shipping)


These lecture notes contain 52 bits of business that you can use to enhance your magic shows for children. They require minimal or no props, and are an important part of creating your programs for children. In addition, the notes incorporate lots of further wisdom from Jolly Roger, who has been a professional children’s entertainer for much of his life, and is recognized as one of the top children’s entertainers in the world.




Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Ribbons


A brand new routine for the children’s entertainer from the creative mind of Jolly Roger!

This is a wonderful routine involving all sorts of clever magic and bits of business. It can play for several minutes. In a nutshell, the magician invites two children to help him. The idea is for the audience to decide who the best magician is. Is it you or one of the kids? Each child is presented with a top hat to wear. The magician also has a magic stick which is referred to as a magic orb. It is full of water that sparkles, with a globe at each end, and looks very magical. Each performer has a set of three different colored loops of ribbon.


The magician goes first, and does some silly gags with his ribbons, which causes much laughter from the kids, but they are unimpressed with his magic skills! Eventually he does a pretty good magic trick with the ribbons when he decides to make use of the magic orb. The ribbons are hung in a chain from the orb, and magically change places with each other. However the magic really becomes a reality when the first helper puts their ribbons into their magic hat, waves the orb over the hat, removes the ribbons and they have all linked themselves together!!! The second helper does the same thing, and ends up with one single loop of ribbons. Nobody is more surprised than the helpers, as the magic happens in their hands.


This routine has all the ingredients of great entertainment for children with magic, laughter, and colorful props. It also packs small, plays enormous, and is easy to reset. This is destined to become a classic in the world of entertaining the little people! Includes instructional DVD with performance.



Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Ravioli

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Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Routine

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Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Rabbit

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Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Rose

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Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Rattlesnakes

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