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With the release of the Harry Potter movies and the continuing popularity of the Harry Potter books, why not book a Harry Potter themed party for your child?  Jolly Roger the wizard can organize a two hour party with games, competitions, Harry Potter trivia questions, and a mystifying and very, very funny magic show.  Many of the party shops sell plates, napkins, balloons etc. with Harry Potter themes printed on them to make your decorating easy!

Jolly Roger attended The Hogwart's academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a full 7 years and graduated before Harry Potter was even born!  Jolly Roger is the only Wizard living in Arizona with an authentic English accent.  If you are looking for the ultimate birthday party, and your child is a fan of Harry's, call Jolly Roger today……both Muggles and Wizards will be welcome guests!


Great reasons to book Jolly Roger for Harry Potter Parties:

He is one of the top children’s entertainers in the world.

He is English; so is Harry Potter!

He dresses as a wizard.

He incorporates some of the Harry Potter stories into his performance.

He has Harry Potter trivia questions.

He has over 30 years of professional experience entertaining children all over the world.

His shows are hilarious. He is an extremely funny man!

His tricks are very clever. The children will be amazed!

He does lots of audience participation with the Muggles, and makes the birthday child feel special.

He has a background in theatre. His shows are theatrical and extremely visual.

He was one of only six children’s entertainers worldwide selected to compete for the title of " World Champion Children's Entertainer", at the world’s largest magicians’ convention in England in 2008.

He can perform a one hour wizard magic show, or organize a whole Harry Potter birthday party.

He is reliable. His shows are self contained. He can work indoors or outside.

His shows are creative, original, and unlike any kids show you may have seen!

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